Bulk Order Custom Shirts

Bulk Ordering Shirts

Order Custom Shirts in Bulk

So you just want to order custom printed shirts in bulk?  No Problem!

We can provide bulk ordering of many great brands and styles of apparel, even some not offered for on-demand fulfillment in the Teescape App.

Bulk Ordering? What’s the Difference?

There are two different printing processes to explain – DTG (Direct to Garment) and screen printing.

DTG is what we do when customers place orders for one or two shirts.  With DTG there is almost never any “bulk” discount, because the cost per shirt is the same, whether we’re printing one or 1000 shirts.

Screen printing is how bulk orders are done.  This does come with discounts that increase with the number of shirts, because a lot of the cost is just in the initial setup.

In order to screen print shirts, we need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Limited number of colors in the artwork, 1-3 colors is best
  2. Minimum quantity of 24 shirts per design
  3. Longer Lead Time – the turnaround time for screen printing is 2-3 weeks.

Still Have Questions? or Need a Quote?

If you are interested in bulk ordering and think your order will meet the about requirements, please send us an email to support@teescape.com and we’ll help you out in every way possible.

Thank You!