Bulk Ordering Shirts

Order Custom Shirts in Bulk

So you just want to order custom printed shirts in bulk?  Don’t want to run a Campaign?  No Problem!

Teescape.com is owned and operated by Midwest Custom Shirts, a leading supplier of custom printed t-shirts and other garments.  They can provide bulk ordering of many great brands and styles of apparel, even some not offered on Teescape.com.

Bulk Ordering? What’s the Difference?

Teescape.com allows customers to use an automated system to design custom printed shirts and sell them online in a “Campaign”.

“Bulk Ordering” is when you already know how many shirts you need to order, and you just want to design your shirts and have them shipped in bulk directly to you.  There is no online “selling” involved, it’s just buying a large quantity of shirts to take advantage of bulk discounts.

So if you already know how many shirts you want and can create a design online, head on over to http://MidwestCustomShirts.com to get started designing and ordering your shirts.

I Already Created My Design on Teescape.com

If you’ve already created your design on the Teescape.com website, but want to place a bulk order on MidwestCustomShirts.com, that’s NO PROBLEM!

Just send us an email to support@teescape.com and we can transfer your design to Midwest Custom Shirts.  Then you will be able to simply log in to the Midwest Custom Shirts site and access your saved design.

Still Have Questions?

Sure.  Just send us an email to support@teescape.com and we’ll help you out in any way possible.

Thank You!