Teescape Fulfillment App – Installing The App

Installing The Teescape Fulfillment App

Installing the Teescape App in your Shopify store

Once you sign up for your Shopify store, installing the Teescape Fulfillment Shopify App is easy.

You will find that our App is temporarily unavailable (unlisted) in the Shopify App Store due to a change in the App Store listing format.  Our App will be available in the App store again soon, but in the meantime you can install our App by following these instructions.

All Shopify stores have a “store name”.  You will have a store admin address that looks like this: https://your-store-name.myshopify.com/admin

To install the Teescape App in your store, first log in to your Shopify admin, and then come back to this page and enter your Store Name in the box below and then click the “Install Now” button.   This will take you to the installation page at Shopify, where you then click “Install Unlisted App” toward the bottom.

Please contact support@teescape.com if you have any problems.

Store Name: