Sell Shirts Online – Create Your Own Online T-Shirt Store

Create An Online T-Shirt Store

How To Sell Custom T-Shirts Online

We think we’ve found the EASIEST, SIMPLEST way for you to put your products online and start selling, complete with everything you need from managing your products and shopping cart system, to processing payments, and getting your shirts printed at a reasonable price.

Watch this video, or read on below for more information.

How Does It Work?

The Teescape Fulfillment Shopify App

The Teescape Fulfillment Shopify App plugs into your Shopify store to make your life even easier.  Our Shopify App does the following things for you:

  • The Teescape App is Totally FREE – You only pay when orders are placed – No Upfront Costs!
  • You upload or create your custom design for front and/or back of the garments.
  • Select the styles and colors of garments you want to sell with your design.
  • Customize the titles, descriptions, and pricing for each product.
  • Our app automatically adds those shirts to your Shopify store as products – complete with images showing your design.
  • When your customer places an order, our App can automatically submit the ordered items to Teescape for printing and fulfillment (automatic ordering is optional).
  • Once submitted to Teescape, the order ships out to your customer within 2-4 days.
  • True White Label Shipping – packages are sent with a return address you specify.
  • Tracking numbers as reported back to Shopify automatically so your customer can be notified.
WHAT THIS DOES FOR YOU:  This is all designed to save you time, and allows you to spend more of your time creating new designs and to focus more on marketing.  This means…

  • NO MORE creating images of products with your designs on them.
  • NO MORE manually adding products and variants to your Shopify store.
  • NO MORE preparing or formatting artwork files for printing.
  • NO MORE manually sending them to a printer/fulfiller.

Why use Teescape Fulfillment?

  1. First, because our Shopify App makes it super-simple to get your products online and handle the orders once they come in.
  2. Quality – we offer the highest-quality printing available, using top-of-the-line Kornit digital printers.  Other fulfillment companies use inferior printers and ink, the print can actually wash out after very few washes.  That won’t happen with our shirts.
  3. Fast Turnaround Time – orders submitted to us ship out to your customer in 2-4 days every time.
  4. Low Prices on products and shipping!

How to Get Started