Product Updates and Issues

Product Updates and Issues

Hey there!

Just a quick post here to let you know we’ve added several new garments to the Teescape Fulfillment App recently.  Also, we have REDUCED THE PRICE on the Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.  It’s now the same price as the Gildan.

We’ve added the Hanes Nano-T and Anvil 980 Fashion Tee as options.  These are both great shirts that offer more of a “premium” feel, a little softer and lighter than the standard tees, for just a little more cost.  Hanes is a more-recognized brand name than Gildan or Canvas and some store owners had asked for that.  The Anvil 980 is regularly being requested.

To fill a special request, we also added the Anvil Ladies Featherweight V-Neck.  We just couldn’t find a good option in a ladies v-neck that came in yellow.  But this one comes with a Warning – this shirt is not stocked deeply by our warehouse vendor.  So if too many people start ordering them, product procurement could result in some delays, possibly long ones.  Unless you really need to sell this shirt, we recommend you stick with the Bella Deep-V or the Canvas Unisex V-neck.

We now also have a mens/unisex tank top – the Canvas Unisex Tank (3480).  This is a great lightweight tank, available in a number of great colors, and many of them are in-stock on our own shelves for super-fast turnaround.  And speaking of inventory, we’ve started to stock more colors of the Gildan Short-Sleeve, to speed up turnaround times on many orders for those shirts.


There are just a couple issues we’ve been having lately.  In the Gildan Short-Sleeve, in colors Charcoal, Indigo Blue, and Military Green, we’ve been having some staining issues when the shirts come off the press.  This may just be a temporary problem due to a bad or different dye lot.  But for now, we are substituting the Fruit of the Loom shirt for those colors of the Gildan.

The Gildan Full-Zip Hoodie is another recent addition.  We’ve discovered that the garment image we have may not be very accurate and the pocket is actually much shorter, at least on some sizes of that product.  We can’t print on the pocket, so the available print area in the app is shorter than it needs to be in many cases.   We are working on this, and hopefully will get some new product images.  In the mean time, we recommend you only use this product with designs that are wider than they are tall, and position the artwork roughly in the center of the print area.  Short and wide designs work best.  We’ll update as soon as we can come up with a solution and more information.


As always, we welcome your suggestions on products that you would like to see in the app.  If you have a suggestion, just send us an email to and let us know.

Please keep in mind, we get lots of suggestions, and we can’t add them all.  Except in one case I mentioned above, we are sticking to our policy of only adding products that are readily available so we don’t run out and have delays in getting products to your customers.

Thanks to all of you for your business!

Talk again soon,


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  • Randy

    You guys are awesome. My first sample shirt was excellent quality. Your prices are excellent and shipping is super fast. I can’t wait to grow my small design business with your service backing me up! You have an excited happy customer here.

    • Char

      Your post captures the issue peetfcrly!

  • Nikki

    Oh yeah, fablouus stuff there you!

  • Rick

    Great post. I’m glad you took the time to explain the positioning of some of the shirts. I’m not really as up-to-date on my knowledge of shirt blanks as I should be. :)

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